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What is Pollen Travels?

Pollen is a hub for the new nomadic workforce, with a blog for tips and ideas on how to combine working and traveling, travel itineraries built with a full work week in mind, and eventually work and live hostels along popular routes.

How did Pollen start?

My name is Cici and I'm a local Californian with a love for low cost, authentic travel experiences.

After spending a few years working in DC and New York City, I decided to go back to school to get my MBA at University of Michigan (Go Blue!). I quit my job and headed on my first solo backpacking trip through South America for 2 months. I loved the community that came with backpacking and hostel life and never spent a day alone, having the time of my life for less than $40 a day.

I returned stateside and embarked on my next adventure, a two-week road trip up the iconic Pacific Coast Highway. The trip was incredible, but it was so much more difficult to plan, isolating and expensive.

As the pandemic hit, many of my classmates and I left on road trips where we could continue to take classes virtually but in some new scenery. I began to see how much domestic travel had to offer and how productive I could be when motivated by new adventures waiting outside.

I decided to create a hub for remote workers who want to occasionally live the nomadic lifestyle and share what my friends and I have learned along the way. I hope what we’ve learned will be helpful for you and would love to hear what you've learned too!

Want to get involved?

Drop a line with ideas on what I should write about next or write a guest post about your work from the road adventures! Buy an itinerary built around a typical work week schedule! Tell me what influencers I should follow on Instagram! I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Trails,


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