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Check Out "HearHere"- New Location-Based Audio Tours App

Updated: May 18, 2021

I suggested in my post 10 Things To Know Before Your "Work from the Road" Trip to listen to podcasts or audiobooks with subjects relevant to the areas you are driving through. It sounds like a lot of other people have had the same idea because I just heard about a new app called HearHere that you guys have to check out!

What is HearHere?

HearHere is a location-based app that suggests stories that are relevant to where you are. They call themselves the roadtripper's companion and their motto is "Every place has a story. Now every story has a place."

Serial Entrepreneur Woody Sears and Hollywood star Kevin Costner co-founded the app with a focus on connecting kids with their surroundings and getting them off their phones, but honestly I think it's just as cool for the curious 20-something on a solo trip across the country.

HearHere interactive map with stories

How does the app work?

I downloaded the app to show you guys what's going on inside. There are two views to see the stories. One is an interactive map with location markers and one is a "card view", which shows stories that are in close range of your current location in a stack.

Stories viewing options on HearHere app

Most stories are around 3 minutes and give a brief history of a subject relevant to the area. One really cool feature is the Autoplay option. This allows you to play relevant stories to your location automatically, effectively creating your own personalized audio tour as you drive.

How many stories are on the app and what parts of the country do they cover?

As of April 2nd, the app hosts over 5,500 stories over 22 states and is very quickly expanding. According to the subscription page, they are planning to be up to 10,000 stories by the end of 2021.

What's the cost of a HearHere subscription?

You can download the app and listen to 6 stories for free. After that it's a $2.99 monthly fee, or if you want to commit to three years, it's $2.08 per month.

I'm going to go nerd out and explore the app but would love to hear from you guys about what apps or tools you have used to learn about the places you have driven through!

Happy Trails,


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